Qi Unity primarily provides business consulting with energy healing, a truly unique and powerful approach to business.

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You may have never used energy healing for your business, or even for yourself for that matter. But energy healing is incredibly powerful to help you gain insight, develop strategies, and energetically raise the vibration of your business to help you reach the success you desire. In this call you will learn your ideal frequency for your business to be successful and discover you current, prosperity, and abundance frequencies.


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Energy Healing for Business

Raise the vibration of your business for greater success. You can have all the best ideas, all the best people, and all the best equipment and still struggle in business or experience stalled growth. Open the doors for greater success with energy healing to raise your vibration and align with your vision. You will learn what needs your attention, what you need to be successful, and what you should focus on in your business. Call for quote.

Business Services

​Basic Training for Developing Marketing Materials

A necessity for every business is to be able to create professional-looking marketing materials. You can leave the big stuff to the pros, but when it comes to making social media graphics, flyers, or newsletters, this is a must-have skill. I will teach you the basics of Microsoft Publisher and web-based Canva.

Current Operational Analysis

Before moving forward, you need to know where your business is. An operational analysis will identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

Employee Engagement

A business is only as good as its employees. Build morale and learn ways to create buy-in for your employees for a productive and successful climate and culture.

Event Development

One of the greatest ways to generate buzz for your business is through events. People love to learn new things and enjoy going out to do something new. Learn how to develop small events to increase interest and traffic to your business.

Goal Setting/Work Plan Development

Set effective goals for your business and create a work plan to keep you on track.

Promotion Development

Promotions are a great way to generate new business and encourage repeat business. Learn how to develop effective promotions.


Proofreading and editing services are available for all types of copy and publications. Proofreading will simply identify typos and grammatical and punctuation errors. Editing will do the same, and will also provide suggestions for improving content quality.

Quality Improvement

Small tests of change are key for quality improvement. Discover how to improve business processes and functions and implement your own tests of change to determine appropriate action.

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