You, Your Business, and The Prosperity Frequency

Updated: Jan 4

Not seeing desirable results in your business? It’s a good time to check in to the prosperity frequency.

Everything is energy, and that includes you and your business. Energy is measured by frequency. You have a frequency and your business has a frequency. That frequency could be helpful or it could be a hindrance to the success of your business. Fortunately, frequency can be adjusted.

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity is synonymous with good health, wealth, and success. As a business owner, your overarching goal might be to be prosperous so you can continue adding value to other people’s lives with your amazing products and services. Just like you and your business, prosperity also has a frequency.

When you and your business are aligned with the frequency of prosperity, you essentially have no choice but to be prosperous. How good does that sound? It is at this point when great ideas are abundant, customers and clients are coming to you in droves, cash flow is plentiful, and you have full confidence in making important business decisions and taking action. It’s as if everything comes with ease. But if you and/or your business are not aligned with the frequency of prosperity, you’ll find it very difficult to experience success.

Your and Your Business’s Frequency Matters

Both your and your business’s frequency directly affect the ability of your business to be prosperous. When neither are tuned in to the frequency of prosperity, it is that much more difficult to run a successful business.

There are many ways to tell if you are not aligned with the prosperity frequency:

· Health issues, physical and/or emotional

· Difficulty making decisions

· Lack of creativity

· Inability to effectively problem-solve

· Struggling with relationships, personal and/or professional

· Feeling drained and exhausted

· Difficulty sleeping

· Feeling stressed almost constantly

· No desire to go to work or operate your business

Do any of these sound like you? Similarly, there are several indicators your business is not aligned with the prosperity frequency.

· High turnover rate

· Frequent disputes among staff

· Low employee satisfaction

· Decreased quality of products and services provided

· Minimal number of clients/customers

· Low customer retention

· Low customer satisfaction

· Low sales

· Income loss

Are any of those something you struggle with?

If any of these indicators mentioned above sound like something you are experiencing and you would like to see improvement, it is a good idea to work on your frequency. Energy healing is an effective method for adjusting frequency to experience more of what we desire. Qi Unity provides energy healing to businesses to help with just that- raising your vibration to realize more success and prosperity in your business.

Working with Qi Unity

Energy healing is an asset to your business tool kit. It helps you take back control so you can realize your vision. When you work with Qi Unity, your energy healer will identify what needs your attention to help you be more successful. Is it you? Is it your business? Those questions will be answered, and your needs will be met. This isn’t canned coaching where someone tells you to take a cold shower just because no one else is doing it and then charges you $1,000 to “help you grow”. This is business consulting on a completely different, much higher level.

With Qi Unity, there is no guessing about what to address or which actions to take- you will know. If you are serious about experiencing prosperity for yourself and for your business, Qi Unity has your back. We work together to help you achieve the results you desire. Contact us at to schedule your free call and learn how Qi Unity will help you.

About the Author:

Serena James, MBA is a holistic healer combining her passions of business and energy into one unique and powerful consulting experience to help you take your business to the next level and beyond. Get your copy of her latest book Vibe Higher geared toward self-awareness and personal growth.



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