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Welcome to Qi Unity where business and energy healing collide for the ultimate business consulting experience! I'm Serena, and I've been called to combine my passions to help others succeed.


As a high school student, I found a love for marketing and business, going on to get my BS in Marketing and my MBA in Management. I learned a lot of things in school, but it also made me feel it would be terrifying to own your own business.


A few years down the road, life circumstances led me to discover the power of energy healing and how it can absolutely help us find our path, feel our best, and experience what we truly desire. All fear aside, I left my 7-year career at a university to follow my path of helping others through energy healing and started my own business.


As I worked hard day and night to build my business, I soaked up all the information I could. I justified this as professional development. I would scroll through social media and see coach after coach selling their #1 secrets, free webinars, free downloads, and I eagerly signed up. Finally, it became overwhelming. It was too much, and mostly unhelpful. I realized something very important: strategy is NOT one size fits all. There is power behind the saying don't recreate the wheel, but the truth is all of us are unique with our own divine gifts. It's unfair and unattainable for each of us to be exactly the same.


The real truth is all of us can find success, not just by copying someone else, but when we are our true authentic selves.


As I grew in my business, I could tell there was something missing, like there was something more I was supposed to be sharing with the world. Then it hit me like the neon sign from the Universe I often seek: it's no coincidence business and energy healing were part of my journey - they are my journey!

Qi Unity was created for you, the entrepreneur seeking growth in a way that's best for you. How do we know what's best for you? We ASK. That's where energy healing comes in. We work with the Universe, not against it. 

If you're tired of struggling, tired of not growing, tired of all the free webinars and free downloads just to get on a mailing list, and you are ready to embrace your own unique gifts to grow, Qi Unity is for you.

Let's work together to explore and nurture your gifts, to elevate the vibration of your business, and help you grow in alignment with your purpose.

Serena James is the author of Vibe Higher, a certified holistic healer, and the founder of Qi Unity, energy healing for business and Just Be, energy healing for personal, home, and animal well-being.


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