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feel empowered 

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you wish to see in the world

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Hello! I'm Fiona - my life purpose is to elevate humanity

My goal is to enable YOU to build levels of joy (which is the highest resonance) and confidence so that can live the life YOU want.

If you want to make a difference in the world, all you need to do is be the person that best serves you and humanity: 

A person filled with confidence, joy, peace, freedom and love without imposing your will on others. 

I can facilitate the change you desire through Qi Unity which offers the platform for like-minded individuals to share their skills and expertise that make a positive difference in the world.

Change happens one person at a time.

I offer London based presentations as well as world-wide products and support services all displayed in our Qi Unity e-magazine (which we are excited to launch early 2014!) 

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Gratitude testimonials 



 Helping the planet

  "Thank you so much for coming in to Northbridge House School today. The feedback has been great! They really enjoyed and benefited from it."
Brett Williams, London, United Kingdom

"I love your place! It's the best yoga place I've been to!"
Lucy Sadakova, London, United Kingdom

"Having attended several other beginners classes elsewhere in the past, I would just like to say that this is by far the best yoga class I have attended - the various postions and moves are modelled and led in such a great way that it has enabled me to finally feel like I am starting to understand and establish some building blocks of yoga - there have been many light bulb moments!)"
Rebecca Keyworth, London, United Kingdom

"Fiona's transference of knowledge of anatomy in her POWERFUL BODY PEACEFUL MIND QiYoga classes far out-weighs any other yoga class I have been to.  Not only do her classes facilitate my well being I also learn how each movement works on my body"
Renee Kacz, Perth, Australia

"I really enjoyed our work with the pupils at The Elmgreen School"
Brett Yale, London, United Kingdom


"Fiona, this time last year I attended my first ever yoga class and I have to say, it is the best thing I have ever done. I thank you for your warm and friendly welcome when entering your studio. My feelings about yoga could have been so different, had I started yoga with someone else." 
Fiona Brogan, London, United Kingdom

ust a quick note to let you know I believe that I... had some kind of subconscious mental block that was cleared by the positive meditation sessions during these classes as well as the relaxing yoga aspects."
Sarah, London, United Kingdom

   Raising money weekly for: 
  • ACE -
        Raised £90.00 here is why

  • Battersea Cats & Dogs Home 
        Raised £49.50 here is why

  • Sea Shepherd 
        Raised £63.50 here is why

  • Trinity Hospice     
        Raised £84.13 here is why

  • QiYoga's Fit For For Seniors Program 
        Raised £45.00

  • WSPA: World Society for the Protection of Animals 
        Raised £26.70 here is why







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